What are the top seo trends to watch out for in 2021?

It's crucial to ensure that your site visitor has a good time on your page. The best way to do it? Keep things simple, tidy, and easy to navigate and find in case they're looking for something, like a blog post. Don't forget that the site's loading speed also contributes to a good user experience. The result? “Over the next 4 months, our traffic grew by 30%.

So we decided that content updates would be a common practice. The expansion of user experiences isn't necessarily a trend that comes and goes over time. Google Discover always includes this image as part of the search list, so it's 100% vital if you're trying to position yourself in this position. If you decide to follow one of these trends, use SEO dashboard software to monitor and report on the performance of your SEO efforts.

While some aspects are always considered good practice, such as ensuring that metadata is correctly attributed, some SEO trends come and go. A unique addition to the list of SEO trends for next year that needs to be paid close attention to is the use of interactive experiences. Some of the top blogs in the SEO industry that you can follow are the Search Engine Journal and the blogs managed by teams behind important SEO tools, such as Ahrefs and Moz. While it seems that page speed is something that appears on these lists of SEO trends every year, there's a good reason.

These tools offer a great way to manage and catalog data, reduce data errors, and identify trends in your data sets for better SEO value.

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