What are the biggest changes in seo trends over the past six months that will affect 2021?

Being aware of what's to come can help you plan a business and avoid potential sanctions or a massive drop in your website's ranking. Next, 11 experts from the Forbes Agency Council discuss some SEO trends and changes that are likely to affect the way companies promote and advertise online to reach their target audience this year. The most impactful trend is what mobile SEO looks like. More and more people are doing most of their searches through a mobile device.

If you're doing SEO for desktop computers and not for mobile devices, I'm sure your desktop ranking may be higher, but your mobile ranking could be terrible. Focusing on mobile SEO is important and will be even more so. We've talked at length about the importance of video marketing for traffic acquisition and lead generation, another popular SEO trend in recent times. According to Britney Muller of Britney Muller LLC, SEO experts should move away from traditional SEO practices that have little or no value today, as algorithms become increasingly stronger.

Without further ado, here are the top SEO trends you should consider when optimizing your website for better rankings and traffic. Local SEO trends are increasingly important, and local results are among the most relevant for users looking for a solution. The State of SEO report delves into the challenges faced by SEO professionals and what concerns them in the coming year. If you still don't understand what SEO is, or you think it's something too daring, don't worry, Exabytes offers a professional SEO service in Singapore to make your website rank high on Google.

Dileep is a renowned SEO expert and author who has been active in the SEO industry for more than 12 years. The trends that worked wonders a few years ago are no longer, for example, voice search, since algorithms have become more intelligent day by day. As YouTube's impact on SEO continues to increase, it's worth keeping in mind that your SEO strategy should include a video component.

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